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Costa Rica

Incentive travel is meant to motivate employees to continue their hard work for the company and reward them for their achievements. What if it could do much more? As a local DMC, we provide experiences where employees can not only do teambuilding activities and networking, work and play as a group, but also be transformed, inspired and renewed.

Costa Rica is a destination made for incentive travel, meetings and events, and you can be as active or as relaxed as you like. Lodging options range from unique eco-resorts to five-star luxury properties. Travel guides and other support personnel are multi-lingual, experienced, helpful and friendly. Exotic tropical event venues range from rainforests to beaches, and activities to partake in include horseback riding, golfing, sunset sailing, white water rafting and more. Gourmet cuisine takes advantage of local fresh ingredients to create fusion dishes and cocktails that are innovative and delicious. Whether you are traveling from the US, Canada or Europe, you are likely a direct flight or an easy connection away.


Why Costa Rica?


Panama can be defined in one word: contrast. Its modern city and its skyscrapers admired from the Spanish Colonial buildings in the “Casco Viejo” (Old Quarter) is only one of the contrasting experiences to be lived in this vibrant isthmus. The mind boggling engineering feat that is the Panama Canal, and the Gamboa Rainforest less than an hour away from the capital.

Panama boasts expansive hotels with over 600 rooms in the city and on the beach. Meeting and event spaces range from large Convention Centers in the middle of the city, to venues within the large properties. Participants can stay in a property overlooking the ocean or immersed in the rainforest and be close enough to travel to the city every day.

Panamanian Folkore is rich and varied. Include a traditional dance in your itinerary, where you can admire the women’s typical dress, laboriously embroidered, and adorned with jewelry and headdresses made of gold and pearls.

Why Panama?


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Experiencing new activities, cultures and emotions will engage your team and expand their minds. From live painting sessions where participants can interact with an artist to an enthralling nighttime fire dancing show. The indigenous Boruca people and their tribal dance and chants or a night of swaying to the rhythms of a local Calypso or Reggae band. What works best for your group, let us work together and create a unique event remembered by all.

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Event Design

World class events custom designed for your company is our mutual goal. Exceeding attendees’ expectations, motivating them to work hard towards their goals all year to be included in the guest list once more. How to do it? Rainforest parties or midnight gala events, cruises on the bay and dancing on the beach. We consult with you to create themed activities designed around your company’s strategies, trends and vision. We handle all the logistics and recommend options based on group size, activity levels, company trends and more.

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Deluxe Group Transportation

There is nothing like seeing a friendly face upon arrival at an international destination after hours of travel. Our meet and greet service makes your guests feel welcome and at ease from the get go. From airport transfers to greeting VIP guests, we arrange all your transportation needs. Different sized buses or luxury cars are provided depending on group size and distance to be traveled. All vehicles go through maintenance requirements and are up to date with insurance policies. Guests are always accompanied by bilingual, knowledgeable and accommodating guides, refreshments and snacks are available as well.

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Tours and activities

Costa Rica and Panama are small countries with diverse altitudes and Pacific and Caribbean coasts. This allows for many different activities, from kayaking in the ocean to white water rafting in one of the many different rivers and rapid levels. Zip-lining through rainforest canopies or walking above the forest floors on suspension bridges. Informative tours on how coffee is grown or night walks to observe flora and fauna. The options are endless. We work with you to design a program that balances work and play and motivates and excites your guests.

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Off - site Dining

From fine cuisine to typical fare, these “dine around” experiences offer guests an opportunity for casual conversation with peers or smaller meetings if group is split up in different venues. We provide restaurant options and reservations, as well as any dietary needs your group may require. Fusion cuisine from a tenderloin drizzled with coffee sauce, or fish drizzled with passion fruit. Simple snacks such as yucca empanadas filled with meat or fried plantains are must haves.

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Team Building activities

Networking is one of the benefits employees seek out during incentive events. Your superstar guests have earned some bragging rights. When else can they be on the same team as their CEO during a scavenger hunt or pulling the same rope as part of a tug of war. Sack races and other typical Central American carnival games can be mixed in to the competitive fun. Teambuilding serves many purposes, from fostering creative thinking to building problem solving skills, and our natural environment provides the ideal setting. We consult with you and offer challenging, fun activities to allow guests to learn and connect with peers in an enjoyable setting.

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Give Back Programs/ CSR (Corporate Social Responsability)

Being grateful for what we have and giving back are important. We consult with you to understand what project works best with the time you have allotted and how it aligns with the company’s values. Give back programs can range from helping improve a local school, teaching and interacting with kids, to environmental and conservation projects, like reforestation efforts. Depending on group size and activity level, we can split into smaller teams and create different experiences to choose from.

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Exclusive gifting & special requests

Personalized gifts are important as part of the incentive experience. Would you like special accessories for a themed party dropped off at each room before an event? How about some edible delights such as chocolates, rum or Costa Rican coffee to take back home? Handmade souvenirs by local artisans can also make a special addition. Your corporate logo engraved on local wood or leather handcrafts are beautiful and useful keepsakes. Panama hats, traditional textiles, masks and baskets made by indigenous people, are original and decorative.

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Exclusive Decor

Your incentive program might have very formal speaking sessions as well as casual. A cocktail party where everyone can mingle and move around, followed by a formal served dinner in the evening. Lighting and projection options for indoor and outdoor events are modern and versatile, and having lush trees or giant rocks as natural screens make for stunning effects. Tablescapes using natural flowers can be rustic or elegant. We design different installations for you, and coordinate flower arrangements, signature ambiance scents, balloons with specific color schemes, beautiful tablescapes and more.

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Site Inspections

Our destination management company is committed to deliver successful programs, wether it is an incentive group, meetings or a corporate event, our professional meeting planners will greet you prior to the group’s arrival for site inspections of all the services that will be handled during the group´s operation. Apart from verifying the quality of the logistics we can arrange for your guests, you will meet our onsite project managers who will ensure that everything runs smoothly during your event: at the hosted property, other venues and with suppliers. Leave it up to our staff to execute your requirements for a successful and memorable program.

Request for Proposal

Who We Are?

Our Destination Management Company specializes in creating world-class incentives programs, always tailor- made to meet and exceed the specific requirements of our clients.

Our team consists of a built-in framework that allows excellence to be delivered every step of the way, keeping in mind that our clients are here for one main reason: To be rewarded for their great efforts. Our employees identify with the Memorable Brand, and are committed to delivering on each of their responsibilities as well as assisting their coworkers with theirs.

What We Do?

Empowerment and thinking outside the box, finding innovative solutions to challenges at the drop of a hat is crucial in this fast-moving business. We, as an experienced destination management company; strive to always keeping the sky as the limit when it comes to creating unforgettable moments for your incentive event.

Natalia Roblero

Business Development Manager

Natalia is passionate about service, excellence and innovation. She is the embodiment of the saying “Do what you love, love what you do!” and traveling is her passion. Her positive energy and smile is infectious, especially on the dance floor.

Fabiola Vega

Senior Executive - Meetings & Incentives

Fabiola has a curious personality and a creative mind, which makes her the perfect fit for the incentive travel world, where she is now flexing her knowledge as the MICE Executive at Memorable Incentives. She started her career as a professional tour guide, and loves people, nature, wellness and yoga.

Carolina Solano

Senior Executive - Meetings & Incentives

Carolina is a disciplined marathon runner, others of her favorite passions are traveling and dancing Flamenco, she is in love with Costa Rica and with more than 15 years of experience enjoys creating the best travel experiences for her clients.

Tania Maltez

Sales Executive Assistant - Meetings & Incentives

Tania loves social interactions. She’s from Nicaragua but has fallen in love with Costa Rica with only 3 years of living in it. She keeps a balance between family, friends, a healthy lifestyle, and work. She has a degree in Sustainable Tourism and she´s open to learn new things, using her skills now with the Memorable Incentives team.

Tatiana Platero

Sales Executive Assistant - Meetings & Incentives

Tatiana is enthusiastic and adventurous, always looking for what to do and where to go. She loves her native country and knows that it will always surprise her with its natural wonders. She is graduated from tourism career, loves what she does, and is happy to be supporting Memorable Incentives in everything.


In summary, these are our guiding lights:

Our Culture

As a Destination Management Company that thrives in the travel and tourism industry, we value what our country has achieved, and pride ourselves by constantly working with local communities in environmental and social programs which contribute to the society´s wellfare and the protection of our natural resources.

Freedom is the essence of being Costa Rican. Our country abolished the army in 1948 and dedicated those resources towards education and health care. That decision has paid off, and many decades later, Costa Ricans are some of the happiest people in the world.

Pura Vida, or “Pure Life” is a saying that defines us. We say it several times a day, as a greeting, a goodbye, as an agreement, as a state of mind. It is whittling down to the essence of what makes us happy as human beings.

Our values center around the concept of working well and living well. Quality of life both in and out of our office allows our collaborators to be healthy well rounded and creative individuals. Take care of yourself and every other aspect of your life falls into place!

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